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Supporting hundreds of events over multiple neighborhoods is quite the challenge. We have heard a few questions over the years. The most common ones are below. Don't see the answer to your question? Contact us!

Who operates Boombox?
Boombox is designed and managed by Latent Design in partnership with the Chicago Department of Transportation’s Make Way for People – People Plazas program and the Department of Planning and Development’s Retail Thrive Zone initiative.

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What is the Make Way for People Program?
Make Way for People Program, a placemaking initiative that supports public-private partnerships to transform the public way through creative temporary tactical improvements and cultural programming such as People Spots, People Streets, People Alleys, and People Plazas.

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What is the Retail Thrive Zones initiative?
The Retail Thrive Zones initiative is a three-year pilot program aimed at creating and supporting inclusive, vibrant commercial corridors in eight targeted neighborhoods.  This means providing greater access to capital and financial incentives; activating underutilized real estate and improving the health of the corridor; and creating community-based wealth by supporting existing businesses and new entrepreneurs. 

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How long will the Activate! program operate?
Activate! Chicago will operate for an initial three year period from September 2015 - September 2018.