Small business has changed


Boombox is a prefabricated micro retail kiosk installed in high volume public spaces to provide short term pop up retail opportunities for local entrepreneurs and community activators. We are thrilled to be hosting storied institutions, talented designers and culinary wizards in the Boombox. Check the vendor websites for additional information and hours of operation. Upcoming vendors and programs include:


Boombox Englewood

Boombox Wicker Park

Model Atelier | May 17 - 31
833 W. 63rd Street
$250 first week / $100 each additional week / $500 month

One on One Chicago | May 5 - 28
1262 N. Milwaukee Avenue

$500 first week / $250 each additional week / $1000 month

Ready to rent? 


Startups improve cities and neighborhoods

A business can open today from a kitchen table. When a startup begins to outgrow its initial homebase, it may not be possible to transition into a larger permanent facility immediately. Storefronts are highly relevant as cities seek to strengthen their walkability, but overhead costs are on the rise. Boombox combines the successful features of popup shops and festival booths. It provides innovative transitional retail spaces at affordable prices. Adding a strategic network of business development and marketing services, this exceptionally designed space will become an iconic attraction that will rival coveted storefront locations without the capital commitment.

The Boombox kiosks are integrated into the urban infrastructure and potential sites would be vetted based on a variety of factors: zoning allowance, pedestrian traffic, retail vacancies, retail rent, transportation access and market density. Boombox sites have the potential to range from commercial services to civic community-based resources. The Boombox concept would expand to available storefronts across the city and provide new venues for art, architecture, and commerce in a short term model.


New platform for nomadic retail


Boombox entrepreneurs are at key transitional moments in the growth of their business. They are ready to scale up operations, but they want to pilot their ideas for growth. These future business leaders can customize a unique space and marketing opportunity within the existing infrastructure of the Boombox unit. Boombox allows for short term rental from 2 weeks - 3 months. This time frame allows small businesses to test the viability of their product or service before making the large capital investment of a storefront space. They can also create a short term physical marketplace for their online business. Boombox locations are prime pedestrian-oriented plazas, otherwise out of reach for small startups.

Locally sourced and built

There are countless numbers of empty, unused shipping containers within miles of Chicago taking up space. Reusing containers was a low energy, cost effective, structurally sound alternative we explored for our first Boombox prototype. Follow our process along below.

Most entrepreneurs prefer to innovate at the small scale through unique, individualized opportunities.
— UChicago Booth School of Business
Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the lifeblood of our neighborhoods.
— Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Previous events and vendors

Boombox Wicker Park Ribbon Cutting | September 25, 2015
Fifth Star Awards Exhibit | September 25 - October 9
Architecture Lobby | October 10 - 30
Read/Write Library | November 7 - 28
Become Furniture | December 5-15
Amore Forte| February 2 - 8, 2016
CAN Art Studios | February 9 - 16
My Block, My Hood, My City | March 15 - April 9
Oxtail | April 20 - 28
Heshima Kenya | April 29 - May 1
Mindful Indulgences | May 2 - 9
Inkmade | May 11 - 18
Oxtail | May 20 - June 2
AIGA Design Week | June 3 - 10
Sedia Systems | June 11 - 18
ART WORKS Project | June 19 - 27
Ukiyo Home | July 1 - 14
Lovely U Clothing | July 15 - 21
Amore Forte | July 22 - 25
Peartree Preserves + Hewn | July 26 - August 1
Sewn in the USA | August 2 - 16
Shinval | November 1 - 15
Mojo Owl | November 16 - 30
Maybe Not | December 1 - 31
Mindful Indulgences | February 1 - 15, 2017
Midwest Wardens EAT Fest | March 23-26
Outpost | March 27 - 31

Boombox Englewood Ribbon Cutting | September 28, 2016
Street Corner Museum Archibald Motley Exhibit | October 2016
Avent's By August | November 2016 - February 2017